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You are a creative and caring person, but sometimes events beyond your control can cause you to lose touch with yourself. Art therapy can bring relief for feelings of helplessness, depression, victimization and anxiety and help you find your creative power and voice. It is as easy as simple lines and colors, shapes or marks on paper, canvas, or soft clay. Since time immemorial, humans have used art expression to record, transform and transcend their experiences of suffering and pain. Every human has this ability, including you.

in a typical session

I will provide a space and materials for the gradual unveiling of a surprising self that you may have lost or may not yet know. This happens according to your needs and your pace. We may discuss your art process and I may help with acceptance and understanding of your experiences, your images and your feelings. However, you are the center of the process and it is my approach to emphasize and nurture your awareness of a growing ability to feel in control.

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